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Power. Community.

Building Up Black Boys is an organization that focuses on empowering black boys and young men through education, mentorship, and community engagement.

Building Up Black Boys aims to create a positive and supportive environment for black boys to thrive and reach their full potential.


Meet Felicia Butler

Founder & Author

Felicia L. Butler is a woman of unwavering courage, deep compassion, and an indomitable spirit.


Growing up in Madison, Wisconsin, she was instilled with strong family values and a deep sense of community that she carries with her to this day. From a very young age, Felicia knew that her life's calling was to make a difference in the lives of others, and she pursued a career in healthcare to fulfill that calling.

Our Core Values


What you choose to do when no one is looking, always do the right thing no matter what.


Keeping our word by not over-committing. Admitting our faults when we have made a mistake or done something wrong, learning from it, correcting it, and growing.


Putting ourselves in other’s shoes and then treating them the way we would want someone to treat us at that moment.


Getting back up when we are knocked down, dusting ourselves off, and trying again. In other words, never giving up.


We are the community, and the community is us. We are one and the same and will act and serve accordingly. What affects the community affects us and what affects us will affect the community.


The Book

"A Survival Guide for My Black Son: Love Always, Mom."

In 2020, Felicia Butler published her first book, "A Survival Guide for My Black Son: Love Always, Mom." This book offers practical advice and heartfelt encouragement from successful Black men to young Black boys being raised with inconsistent/absentee fathers.

This book is the foundation for our boys' group programs and curriculum.

“I absolutely love this book. After reading it, I bought copies for my parents and all my friends. The advice collected in this book is true gold. There is wisdom packed onto every page. This isn't just a book. It's a revolution.”
"This book was amazing! Literally brought up every emotion except anger. Then I just handed it off to my son! I'm so proud."
"So many people will benefit from this, people of any demographic."
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